Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Settling back down

Went to a birthday at the bar Alibi Bar in Clinton Hill. 3$ budweisers? Yes please!

Well I had 1 and then two cokes. When will celebrating end. I noticed how friends and I celebrate everything. Graduation, end of a semester , new job, getting fired, haha but then we will lower it down to the least common denominator... Like IT'S FRIDAY. Let's celebrate. It has to end somewhere.

Airbrushing and it's bad name

I have not taken many photos recently that have really followed the path I have been taking with photography, I have been taking photos here and there and letting them sit, every one in a while I will go in and photoshop a few.

Photoshop, I hate the word, the average Joe uses it as a word meaning to fix but it has gotten to the point where I am so bothered by it.

Recently I edited this photo of Sophie that I took from a few videos we recorded, nothing special a few channel layers, a high pass overlay, and a few adjustment layers, that's all.

And the feedback I hear... "It's too airbrushed" ... Really? That is interesting because I did not brush over the skin at any point. I think some people have interfering opinions however it bothered me so much as if 1, airbrushing is so wrong, to perfect someone much like Michealangelo in the sistine Chapel did, or Leonardo Da Vinci in any of his paintings. It is wrong to leave out blemishes and pimples? Or would you consider it an embellishment?


I have been in isolation for about 4 days now. Isolation in the sense that I have not seen or really talked to anyone, I am really happy about it too, no stress, I think a majority of my stress is brought on by others and their exaggerated approaches towards EVERYTHING.

It appears that to some, a conversation is no conversation without business talk, talk of  a career or success. I say this often, but let's keep it at work I am, nor are other impressed. I am impressed more by the silence of modesty.

So I will end by showing my work ha.

after finishing over 600 posters, 25 still lives, it is all over.

Going to Pratt to do work for the last time to put stamps and inserts in the book

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Some of my work was selected into the Ubiquitous. I am not quite sure what it is but it has a lot of fine art work, short stories, poems and photographs which I was happy to be in, looks pretty cool. The photos are originally digital and very high in detail, the designers printed my work, then photo copied that and scanned it back in. Also the photo on the right page was oddly distorted. Poor judgement in a design I guess but I will have to retract that myself if anyone sees it.